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Bhutan: 10 Surprising Facts You Should Know

Sometimes we go through life being stuck between a rock and a hard place. It is unsure of which way and side to choose. But within that moment of feeling landlocked, one may find its way through the fields of life and today. We are talking about a country that is doing just that. A country stuck between two giants named China and India. And this is the first time we are talking about the country Called Bhutan.


We talk about people and cultures from around the world and let’s not forget places. But for those who are here for the first. I want to know from all you if you could live anywhere. That’s not your country where would you live and why?

These are the 10 facts about Bhutan

  • So Bhutan it is the smallest Asian country? But it is mighty the size of the town may only be thirty-eight thousand seven hundred and Thirty-seven square kilometres. But it does have a population of seven hundred and forty-two thousand seven hundred and [Thirty-seven] people and quite surprisingly. That means it has a density of nineteen points two people per square kilometre like I said although it’s small.
  • It’s known as the land of the thunder dragon. This is because the country sees so many lightning storms. After all, they are way up high in the Himalayan mountains. And the thunder Dragon is also called drunk. Which is a national symbol? Appearing on their flag now because portions of Bhutan are way up in the Himalayan Mountains.
  • The Capital Tim Foo is ranked third in the world when it comes to the highest capitols. Based off of altitude and it comes in at the height of eight thousand six hundred and twelve feet. Quite a fantastic view now.
  • What’s fascinating about Bhutan? Is it is a democracy, but also has a Constitutional monarchy the first election held in 2008. However, the country does have a king named Jake Mika Char called yell when shook. And let’s not forget his queen Jetsun Pema now Bhutan is a small country. But it’s interesting to look at because it has things that other countries don’t have.
  • And one thing for sure is that this country. The only country where its forests absorb more Co2 than the country even produces? I believe it or not its citizens have constitutional obligations to protect their environment. And that means [sixty] per cent of the nation has to stay as a Forest, and if you were to ask me, I would say [that] the people of [the] [ton] are probably the most prominent environmentalists on the planet.
  • And being green is not just for the trees. Because the government of the ton has a fantastic amount of Renewable energy, and that energy is hydroelectric, they produce more electricity than they need and much of it Exported. And when it comes to other forms of power, the country has no petroleum or gas reserves that are currently known.
  • That’s being of import exports. Let’s talk about that their highest import indeed refined petroleum making up. Twenty-five per cent of their imports with their total import costs. Being 237 Million Dollars worth of Goods. But their exports equal 169 million according to the Oak, and 59% of that is Ferroalloys along with carbides being 14%.
  • Now for a long time in Bhutan. Things like the internet and television were banned entirely. Now it might be shocking to you. But let’s be real the owners were even banned from entering the country until 1974. However, by 1999 the government listed the television ban stating that it was a step into happiness and bringing the country Modernised.
  • So let’s move on and let’s talk about smoking because Vuitton is the only country to Completely ban the use of tobacco. Now the rules at one point were very tight if you caught with it. You would get three to five years in prison, and this was with the tobacco control act that introduced in 2010, which led to 59 Arrests. However, in 2012 they Amended the law, and if you still have too much tobacco on you, you can get time. But they wanted to downplay the seriousness of it all.
  • Now, although some people like to consider Putin as the least developed country in Asia. It comes in first for economic freedom ease of doing business and Peace. And believe it or not, it is second in per capita income for all of south of Asia. I don’t know about you guys, but I think Bhutan is a fascinating country.

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