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Breakfast Healthy Best Ideas Like a Brit

It’s breakfast time forget stacks of pancakes covered in maple syrup and push aside your love of grits. Since there’s really no place for any of these things in the traditional full English breakfast. So grab your knife and your fork and come with me as we feast our eyes on Britain’s most treasured national dish history of the full English.


The origins of the full English breakfast are a small mystery but many believe it harks back to the time of landed gentry. Who were keen to display their wealth. And in doing this would put on lavish cooked breakfasts for their guests the full English breakfast. Was later adopted by the working classes as a terrific way to start the day during the Industrial Revolution. And has since become part of the British national identity.

Now a days most Brits indulge in a full English only at the weekends. But boy is it worth the wait also referred to as a fry up the full English consists of these fundamental items. Like fried eggs are most common in a full English breakfast well what did you expect with the name fry up. However scrambled and poached eggs are entirely acceptable options bacon we mainly use British back bacon.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

That’s a blend of both pork belly and pork loin the bacon is served fried or grilled until the fat is golden brown. And no it isn’t covered in maple syrup sausages. The full English breakfast is the best location for you to showcase your sausage. And no I’m not talking sausage patties or hotdog wieners instead. We prefer a simple Lincoln or Cumberland sausage fried or grilled black pudding. I can only imagine this is called a pudding to make it sound more appealing black pudding. Is truly not a pudding in fact it’s more like a sausage. But made with kidney fat oatmeal and pig’s blood mm-hmm it sliced and then yep you guessed.

It fried and tastes somewhat dry and salty a bit like everything else on the plate baked beans. Beans are extremely different to the original American creation that was made up of beans. Stewed with pork and molasses British baked beans are stewed haricot beans typically in a tomato sauce for breakfast. You could make your own but most of us just by the minute a toast or fried bread is vital. For mopping up all of the lovely grease left on your plate you can use it as a platform. To transport eggs and beans to your mouth. Or you might save it and cover it in marmalade in the north of England grilled oat cakes are popular. Whilst soda bread is served in Ireland in Scotland.

Best Breakfast Ideas

A potato or tatis gone is a staple whilst Wales interestingly has lava bread that’s composed of seaweed boiled with oats. I believe I’ll stick to toast banks mushrooms shouldn’t come from a tin only fresh mushrooms. Will do grill or fry them gently and add some herbs if you’re feeling particularly creative. Oh tomatoes grilled tomatoes are perhaps the most colourful item on the plate near the brownie creamy beige color of everything. Else these have a propensity to explode so try not to wear your favourite t-shirt to breakfast unless tomato juice. Embellishment is the look you’re trying for so there you go eggs bacon sausages black pudding baked beans toast mushrooms and tomatoes.

Let me know what you believe it truly is the best way to start the day like a true Brit. Enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee and of course a copy of the morning papers. What twist do you like best on the classic English breakfast. Now can I pinch a sausage this one is grilled to perfection which one might be the best start to the day.

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