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Poco F2 Pro: Xiaomi New Launch Full Details

Oh top guys on TV HD here and this is the poco phone f2 Pro the successor one of the successors to the super excited poco phone from 2018. So this a phone like the first one will not be on sale in the US but markets like India and the Philippines. This phone is fire for about 500 bucks when you translate it. So it’s not quite the same thing as the original which was like the maximum value for $300. But hey I’m okay with that, and they also have the regular poco f2 pro phone. If you want that but this phone is really impressive from the inside out this one checks.

Poco F2 Pro

A lot of the boxes you’d expect to find in a high-end phone. And I guess they’re adding the word pro here add that just kind of means better. So from the overall build quality to all the specs and all the numbers on paper and all the included features. It looking pretty complete not only is it a pretty big phone. But you pick it up and you immediately notice built well it’s substantial to the point. Where it’s a little heavier than I expected and made of metal and glass. So it doesn’t creak or flex at all and then you get plenty of extras a little accent colour for the power button is sweet. And once last time you saw a phone with both a headphone jack and an IR blaster that is a rare combo for 2020.

The top Poco F2 pro phone also has that pop up the camera with an LED notification light and you get this sweet emerald colour. Which you know I know pretty much every high-end phone now is a glass sandwich. So it’s kind of getting predictable but at least it still feels good in the hand and then, of course, the piece de resistance. So they say it is this huge full screen corner-to-corner uninterrupted display. It gives you haven’t noticed there are a lot of hole-punch cameras out there now. And so this doesn’t have a hole punch doesn’t have a notch. And it’s doing my favourite method of getting rid of the hole punch camera and the selfie a camera.

Poco F2 Pro

So we’ll pop oh so now you have a full-screen corner-to-corner display six point six-seven inches of 1080p AM OLED and it’s a flat display to no fancy curved glass. Which I am wonderful with its HDR 10 plus certified and it gets up to a comfortable. But not in credible 500 nits. I’m just happy we have displays like this on a phone of this the price though it is 60 Hertz. I think if I were spending any more. I would be looking for high refresh rate but aside from that it’s clear that the standout feature of this already. The great hardware package is the screen the fingerprint underneath is pretty good too at this point.

It’s also kind of cool that this is pretty much standard you know this used to be a high-end only feature. But now it’s started to trickle down and it seems like the optical fingerprint reader under the glass. This is cheap enough that almost any phone can include it and then the pop-up camera. Here has just a little extra little flair to it it’s got the LEDs on the module itself. And actually if you go into the special features the section in the settings. You can configure the front camera effects and customize the sound effects and the light colour. For every time you open that front-facing camera oh it also gives you a warning.

If you’re doing it too many times anyway on top of all that it comes with this clear case. Which I’m learning people like especially for getting rid of that little camera bump on the back. But if you’re not into that which I’m usually not then you can always grab a skin from our channel sponsor D brand to mix it up with the colour or the back texture finish. You know this matte black skin has never done me wrong so I’ll link it below but honestly. I think to hold this phone you know know I know it’s 500 bucks. But if I didn’t know it was 500 bucks the the only thing that would tip me off that isn’t a $900 phone. There’s a little bit of rainbow banding on the display. This is from off-axis and then also these rounded corners.

Poco F2 Pro

I just noticed the lower-end phones for whatever reason just usually have more swooping bigger corner radius. While the higher-end phones can tighten that up to make it sharper more boxy other trade-offs. You can’t tell just from holding it there is no wireless charging despite the glass back. And there’s also no IP official IP water and dust resistance rating those things cost money. I just the vibration motor as it buzzes in my hand. I reminded about it now you can’t necessarily tell that it is a cheap phone because of a bad vibration motor. Because our expensive phones with a lousy vibration motors too. But it’s just it’s never something you unnoticed unless you turn haptics off you’ll continuously. Be reminded about a bad Natalie vibration motor petition for everyone to just work.

On those just make those better there is a single mono speaker at the bottom of this phone. Which is bad news on the spec sheet but honestly, it gets surprisingly loud and crisp and doesn’t even really distort. That much at all at high volumes i was listening to a youtube maximum podcast volume from across the room. And it was doing great might be the best single mono the speaker. I’ve ever heard on the phone now. It is you can still block the whole the thing with one finger that’s the the downside of a single mono speaker. But they made it work here I’ve been using this phone for a couple of days. It’s got a lot of similarities from the oneplus eight pro.

I was just coming from including the same chip snapdragon 865 which means it’s also 5g enabled it’s about the same size as that phone. And the battery life here was actually better it’s got a hefty 47 hundred million power cell. It’s only powering at 1080p 60 Hertz display you’d expect high battery. It delivers high battery and for bonus points it comes with this hefty boy in the box this is a 30-watt fast charger comes with the $500 phone. Now as you can Tell this is not u.s plug. So I’ve been charging it at regular speeds with the charger. I already have but good battery life plus fast charging in the box means. I’m okay with no wireless charging okay so this phone has quad cameras on the back and cameras.

Here are where it becomes a little more obvious especially to me. If you’re pretending to be a high-end flagship versus actually being a high-end flagship poco f2 pro phone. Now when you hear 64-megapixel quad-camera array capable of 8k video. I mean that’s a a pretty good set of numbers on paper. Now that I’ve used it, I’ll say this camera the system is capable. But it’s not entirely the crazy high-end you might expect just from the numbers the primary camera it’s stable it is a 64-megapixel sensor. But it’s going to spit out 16-megapixel images by default and you can see they look fine you know. I’m not complaining they aren’t amazed photos they’re not particularly sharp or excellent with colours or dynamic range or anything like that.

But nothing’s terrible about them either until you get to low light so that’s fine you wouldn’t be buying this phone. You shouldn’t be buying this phone for impressive image quality at a low price. You know that would be you’d be looking along the lines of pixel 3a or iPhone se. But unlike those phones, this one also has an an ultra-wide camera. Which is you know cool to have it’s a lot softer and not nearly as good of a camera. As the main one but at least it’s fun it serves its purpose for more astronomical subjects and that full field of view and then there’s two more cameras. There is a 5-megapixel macro camera and a 2-megapixel depth camera. Now you might have been ready to write those of you might have thought.

I’m going to write those off but I use them expecting to write them off. I was fairly impressed the depth the camera seems to be doing at least something for portrait mode shots. I don’t use portrait mode much but the cutouts here look good maybe a little artificial if anything and the 5 the megapixel macro camera is actually decent. Now I’ve been shooting down all those 2-megapixel macro cameras pretty hard this year. Because they’re just bad they look bad, but somewhere I guess between those 2 megapixel macros and this 5 megapixel. The shots got a little more usable. And now macro shooting is the fun you can get some unusual results colours are a little muted but overall.

I’m not mad at them for including this one and then the the selfie camera is again fine it’s about it on par with the main the camera’s funny. They don’t they don’t watermark the selfies by default but they do watermark everything else. But yeah look at the details look at the fibres the soft cotton shopped item can be a few calm. It’s beautiful even the 8k video is usable on this phone. Now it’s kind of funny it lags pretty hard when recording and playing back that 8k video on the phone. Which I thought was a pretty lousy sign. But then I imported it and looked at it on the computer and it looks fine so overall this is a capable camera system’s fun.

It’s not going to give you the best quality images and you should look elsewhere. If you want that but as far as a decent quad-camera setup for 500 bucks. This phone nailed that the software is probably the only reason. I couldn’t rock this phone every day my UI like. I said isn’t my thing and even performance to me because of my I didn’t feel high-end like snapdragon 865 should feel smooth with a 1080p display pretty much always. But it doesn’t still here part of that is the software part of that is also probably that. I’m spoiled at this point getting used to all these high refresh rate displays. But I just generally felt like it should be stuttering less and should be smoother and there was, of course.

Some cool features like theme selectors and the always-on display with the customizable clock and things. But there’s also occasionally ads inside the UI and the stock apps. But if I’m just evaluating this whole phone as a package for 500 bucks it’s a deal. They did an excellent job here it’s the real deal you know they have the non-Pro Poco F2. They have the Poco F2 and then there’s just a a whole ton of other competition in this space. If you like different things about different budget phones and I talked about that in the Poco F2.

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